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Adderall is a stimulant that’s used to treat ADHD so
(Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Buy Adderall Generic
Deficit Disorder) and narcolepsy. When taken, Adderall
consequently, the user feels more focused and attentive. Buy Adderall Online


Street Names: Bennies, Benzies,
Blue Mollies, Speed, Uppers, Pick-me-ups, Wake-me-ups

What’s it Look Like?

Adderall most commonly comes
in pill form, and it is usually blue, orange, or white.

How’s it used?

Users typically swallow Adderall, but it
can also be ground up and snorted or injected.

What’s it Do?

For people who have ADD or ADHD,
Adderall’s purpose is to increase concentration and
decrease impulsivity. For people who misuse Adderall,
it can increase concentration but can also have a lot of
dangerous physical side effects. Buy Adderall Online

Warning Signs of Abuse

. Irregular sleeping patterns
• Nervousness and anxiety Buy Adderall Generic
Poor appetite and subsequent
weight loss so
The marked increase in energy
• Mood swings

Facts about Stimulants like Adderall

• Stimulants increase activities and processes in the
body-which can enhance alertness, attention and
energy-by stimulating the chemicals that are already
present in our brains.
People who are not prescribed Adderall can also
experience rapid deterioration of their muscles and
impaired coordination. so
• In people that are not prescribed Adderall, it may
result in hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis.
Because of the stimulation of the reward pathways in
the brain, stimulants run a high risk for addiction, even
at prescribed dosages.


Short-Term Effects

Alertness and Attention so
Increase in blood pressure
Increase in body temperature
Erectile dysfunction in men so
Irregular heartbeat

Long-Term Effects
Weight loss
Hostility and Paranoia so
Personality changes, including depression
• Addiction

Refusal Tips for Kids

It’s not always easy for a kid to keep their cool in the face of
peer pressure. Give them a few suggestions on how to say
“NO” like: so
“No thanks, I don’t need Adderall to lose weight. I prefer
just eating right and working out.” so
• “I’ve not prescribed Adderall, and it’s really dangerous
to take it if you don’t need it.
“This guy in my class took one to help him study for a
test, but he didn’t sleep for two days after. He looked
really rough.”